Love for food

The Story

Kesar is the richest spice in the spice basket. It is the spice with the golden hue. It has the Midas touch that makes everything it touches golden too. For our founder, Manish, Kesar is the queen of spices. So, when his daughter was born, he already knew what he was going to name her. He also knew that when he would realize his lifelong dream of opening a restaurant, it would be for his princess, his Kesar. And in 2018, he finally realized his dream. He opened an Indian restaurant in the foodie city of New Jersey. This time again, he knew precisely what his lifelong dream would be named – Kesar’s.


To create eating spaces that are affordable and bring authentic, flavorful Indian food to foodies the world over.


To create an unstoppable Indian food brand that sets industry standards for quality and flavors

Kesar’s is a foodie’s dream.
Kesar’s is a father’s determination.
Kesar’s is a culmination of a lot of things.
But, most importantly, it is a culinary journey. It is Kesar’s India on a plate.
Why Dine With Us?

New Jersey has no dearth of restaurants. There is a lot to explore in the city. With such a rich culture of food on offer, why do people love to visit Kesar’s?

We serve real food that draws inspiration from the heart and makes use of the freshest ingredients. Kesar introduces its guests to a whole world of warm spices, secret family recipes, and bright flavors. Manish grew up in central India, where the local cuisine drew influences from all regions of the country. And this is exactly what you see in his food too. You can taste the richness of North India, the spicy warmth of South India, the flavor medley of West India, and the earthiness of East India. To round off the menus, he has added mouth-watering Indian street food and decadent desserts from the entire subcontinent.

The selection of delicacies at Kesar is simply mind-boggling. There is so much to choose from and you can actually taste the unique differences between each of the preparations. But, the feat of Kesar’s is achieving such a diversity in its menu while staying completely vegetarian. Manish has stayed true to his roots. India has a majority of vegetarians, so Kesar’s is a 100% vegetarian restaurant. After all, Kesar’s is all about bringing an authentic Indian culinary experience to you. Every time you enjoy a delicious meal with us, you will be surprised by the ingenuity with which we put together fresh and delectable vegetables to create a deeply fulfilling dish.

The sense of community is an essential part of being Indian. Kesar’s is not just Indian in its flavor, but in its values too. We always try to make our guests feel at home like you are visiting a friend for dinner. In the same vein, Kesar’s believes in building a community and giving back to it. As Manish has named the restaurant after his daughter, he has dedicated a part of the earnings from the restaurant for the cause of educating the underprivileged girl child in India.